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$30 to $40

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โˆ™ 2011-06-18 03:24:58
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Q: What is the value of a Randy Moss limited edition rookie season football?
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When is a football player considered a rookie?

A rookie is a player that is in their first season of play.

What year was guy lafleurs rookie season?

Lafleur's NHL rookie season was the 1971-72 season with the Montreal Canadiens, when he had a respectable 29 goals and 35 assists. (Source : book "Total Hockey" -1st Edition)

Is this season Tim Tebow's rookie season?

No. His rookie season was 2010.

What is the value of a 1995 Inaugural Season Carolina Panthers limited edition ring?


When did Terry Bradshaw start playing football in the NFL?

Terry Bradshaw's rookie season in the NFL was 1970.

When was Tom Brady a rookie on the patriots?

His rookie season was the 2000 season

When was Dale Earnhardt Sr's rookie season?

Dale Earnhardt Sr's rookie season in the Nascar Cup Series was in 1979. He was the Rookie of the Year for that season.

Was last season joe flaccos rookie season?

Yes, the 2008 NFL season was Joe Flacco's rookie season.

When was Kobe Bryant's rookie season?

1996-1997 was Kobe Bryant's rookie season.

What rookie hit over 400 in rookie season?

being awesome

Are you a rookie for 3 years in the NFL?

no you onnly have one rookie season

What awards and records did randy moss make his rookie year?

Randy Moss Rookie Season Retrospective:Moss lead the NFL with 17 touchdown catchesHis 17 td's tied a Viking single-season recordWon Offensive Rookie of the Year by several groups - the Associated Press, College & Pro Football Weekly and Football DigestWon several Rookie of the Year Awards - by Sports Illustrated, The Sporting News, The Football News and Pro Football WeeklyProfessional Football Writers of America's NFC Rookie of the YearAll-Rookie honors awarded by Pro Football Weekly, College & Pro Football Weekly, Football News and Football DigestAll-Pro honors by the Associated Press, Sports Illustrated, College & Pro Football Weekly, The Sporting News, Football Digest and USA TodayMade Pro Football Weekly's All-NFC and All-NFL teamsNFL Offensive Rookie of the Month for NovemberTwice Named NFC Offensive Player of the Week - (11/22 & 11/26)NFL record for most TD catches by a rookie (17)Moss and Cris Carter set a new NFL record for most touchdown catches by a tandem with 29 (17, 12 respectively)Set a new Vikings team record for rookie receiving yards with 1,313

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