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Q: What is the value of a Limited Edition Giclee Hand Signed with Certificate piece of art?
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What do the initials cp on a signed hand embellished limited edition giclee print mean?

Closed Print (no more prints will be made). Similar as closed edition.

What is the value of the Terry Redlin print Hazy Afternoon 209 of 2560 printed with certificate of authenticity?

The retail value of a signed, limited edition Terry Redlin "Hazy Afternoon" print is around $1200.

How many limited edition signed copies of Freedom by Franzen with errors were sold?

My copy says it is one of 2000 signed first edition. It is one of the recalled version with the errors.

What is the value of a signed Halo 2 game?

28.00 for the Limited Collector's Edition

Value of beryl cook limited edition painting lunch time out of print since 1984 signed by artist?

The value of Beryl book limited edition painting Lunch time out print since 1984 signed by the artist is 200 pounds.

What is the approx value of 'Moonlight' by Peter Ellenshaw 34x32 on Giclee Canvas Ltd Edition Print150 printed?

Hi to whomever wrote this Q, Soon after the sale of the last Ltd edition of 150 hand-signed giclee(32"x34")by Peter Ellenshaw from the publisher, the art galleries quickly doubled the price of the giclee. It has slowly been creeping up ever since util Peter's death earlier this year(2007)when the same art galleries have bumped their asking price ne up to nearly US$9,000 for the giclee. But I guess it is up to the Gallery to set their own asking price. I think the 9,000 to 10,000 dollar range is a fair asking price considering the beauty of the work and the legend behind it. I hope this helps you. TR

How do you get a limited edition signed in a packet of Match Attex?

get more than 20 packets

What is the value of a First Edition of Marsmen In Burma that is autographed by John Randolph?

i know that has one for sale in their collectible book section for $300.00. it says it is a first edition, but does not indicate if it is signed by the author. i also have a first edition, limited signed edition and am also wondering about value.

What is a signed limited edition collagraph titled Carnaval by R. S. Riddick worth?


What is the value of your terry redlin print?

The value of a Terry Redlin print will vary significantly based on the title, whether it is an open or limited edition, if it is signed or not, if/how it is framed, etc.

What is the value of a signed first edition book Marsmen In Burma by John Randolph?

it depends on the condition of the book and whether or not it is a limited edition! basically a limited edition signed first edition in good condition is worth roughly $450.00-$900.00. this also depends on the person buying it. if they are a serious collector they will probably pay closer to the latter price!

What is the value of a baseball bat signed by the young superstars of baseball with limited edition of 200?

$900 - $1000

What is a signed limited edition lithograph of the mural Procession at Chalma worth?

$500.00 or $675.00 replacement value.

How much is a Manchester united jersey worth?

It depends on the year, the player, if it is signed or not, limited edition, etc

Value of Limited Edition roger maris signed baseball?

A Roger Maris single signed baseball is worth about $2,000.-$5,000. Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature. Signatures that have not been properly authenticated could sell at half the market value or less. Add for inscriptions. Limited Edition is just a ploy to sell baseballs. It would only mean something if they were the only Roger Maris signed baseballs in existence. Because you mention the baseballs are Limited edition I have to question if your baseball is hand signed. You might have a limited edition stamped signature baseball. If this is the case it would be worth about $30. -$50. In a recent auction a Roger Maris single signed baseball sold at a high of $5,975.00.

How much is a Michael Jordan limited edition 1998 upper deck signed gold card worth?


Topps Stadium Club Johnny Unitas Autograph Jumbo Card?

I have seen a limited edition johnny unitas oversized autographed card. It was offered to stadium club members only in 1995 and was limited/numbered to 1968. There was also a signed form letter by unitas and a certificate guaranteeing the autographs from topps. Everything was in a black topps stadium club binder.

What is the Value of a Dale Rust signed limited edition print?

I suggest that you find an auctioneer and ask him how much similar pieces sell for.

Why are limited edition prints signed in pencil?

Because computers can't reproduce pencils, so a Pencil signature indicates authenticity

Is a limited edition lithograph by Dali valuable?

Yes it is, especially if it is signed and numbered by Dali. One of the factors to consider is how large the Edition is, the smaller the number of prints in the " limited edition " the more valuable a print will be. Also bear in mind that the first 11 and the last 11 will be more valuable than any numbers in between.

What is the value of an original lithograph signed by merv corning athlete's collectors edition 103 of 600 super bowl XI with certificate?

The value is stated at 499.00.

Where can i find prints by virgil thrasher?

I have two limited edition signed and numbered prints if you are interested. Feel free to e-mail me at

What is best place to sell signed and numbered prints by Bev Doolittle? - Limited Edition Art Prints This site is an aftermarket community for limited edition art prints from hundreds of popular print artists. Check out the Members Currently Offering section

What is a signed 'Fille de Minos' print by Salvador Dali worth?

A signed print of Fille de Minos by Salvador Dali is estimated to be worth about six or seven thousand dollars. This is for a 15 inch by 18 inch framed and signed limited edition lithograph.

What products are available on the Abesbooks website?

AbeBooks is an online bookstore that sells first edition books, audio books, large print books, signed books, and limited and special edition books. They also offer free delivery.