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Q: What is the value of a Joe Montana card from when he played at Notre Dame?
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What college did joe montana play for?

Notre Dame

Which former Notre Dame quarterbacks have played in the NFL?


What college university did Joe Montana play for?

Joe Montana's Son to Attend Notre Dame. Well that what i got off the internet.Nate Montana is leaving Notre Dame to go to Pasadena City College.Nick Montana has signed his letter of intent for the University of Washington.

What was Joe Montana's jersey number in Notre Dame?

Joe Montana wore #3 during his time at Note Dame. He attended Notre Dame from 1974 to 1978.

Did Joe Montana go to college?

notre dame

What college did Joe Montana go to?

notre dame

What univesity did Joe Montana play football for?

Notre Dame

What college team did joe Montana play for?

Notre Dame.

What university did joe Montana play football for?

Notre Dame

Who are Notre Dame's Super Bowl MVPs?

Joe Montana of the 49ers

What Super Bowl MVP's went to Notre Dame?

Joe Montana

Who played in 1925 Rose Bowl?

Notre Dame and Stanford. Notre Dame won, 27-10.