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Q: What is the value of a Joe Montana autographed football?
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What is the value of a hat and a football autographed by Joe Montana?

if its not authenticated by steiner,or his personal holo they are proabably worth200 together.

How much would an autographed Joe Montana and Jerry Rice Wilson football be?


What is the value of an autographed Joe Montana picture?


What is the value of a football signed by Joe Montana?

a lot.

What is the value of a 1992 upper deck autographed joe Montana card card number is 560?


What is the value of a signed joe Montana football helmet?


What is the value of an NFL Football signed by Joe Montana in 1992?


What is the value of Joe Montana college football card?

It is valued at $1200.

When did Joe Montana Football happen?

Joe Montana Football happened in 1991.

What is value of Wilson football signed by Joe Montana and Jerry Rice?

about $1000

When was Joe Montana Football created?

Joe Montana Football was created in 1991-01.

How much is joe Montana upper deck football card worth ITS a card that says we sulute joe Montana dated for 1995?

I found the value to be around $5.00

What is the value of a football helmet signed by Joe Montana?

it depends on the condition of the helmet for example is it still intact

The value of Joe Montana rookie starting lineup?

the value of joe Montana rookiestarting lineup

What is an autographed crystal football by Joe Montana worth?

I was the person who engraved these footballs some years back and I think they would be worth a couple hundred dollars. Good luck!

What is the value of a baseball autographed in 2005 by Joe Mauer?

The range for a single autographed baseball from Joe Mauer is $40-$100 dollars.

Who introduced into football?

joe Montana

What is the value of an autographed photo of Joe Namath?

450.00 dollars if autographed but none signed is 35.00

Does joe Montana still play football?


What is the value of 1990 Joe Montana Pro Set?

what is the value of a 1990 Joe Montana pro set pro bowl jersey worth

How much is a Joe Montana autographed jersey worth?

Around $400 bucks there going for depending on frame.

What are the values of Joe Montana football cards?

It matters what year they are, I have a 1981 Joe Montana card and its worth about 230$ and its in mint condition. If its beyween 1990 and 2007 is probably worth $2.50 to $15. But if its autographed or is a memorbillia card between 2004 and 2007 depending on what brand of card it is, it would be worth prabably worth any where between $25 and $175.

Who was the most popular football player?

joe Montana

Who is the best qb in football?

Joe montana of course

Who is the best football player of your generation?

Joe Montana