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Q: What is the value of a Guyana Babe Ruth card with his daughter?
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What was Babe Ruth's daughter name?

Dorothy Ruth

What president daughter invented BABY Ruth?

The president is Grover Cleveland and the daughter is Babe Ruth.

When did Babe Ruth adopt Dorothy Ruth?

He didnt, she is her biological daughter

What were Babe Ruth's daughter's names?

there names are Julia and Dorothy Ruth

Where did the Babe Ruth candy bar come from?

The Baby Ruth candy bar is named after President Grover Cleveland's daughter whose name was Babe Ruth . actually it was named after the base ball player. "Babe Ruth"

Who is babe Ruth's relatives?

A daughter named Julia.

Who was on Babe Ruth's family tree?

George Herman "Babe" Ruth, Jr. was known to have many relationships outside of marriage. Officially, he adopted a daughter with his first wife, Helen Woodford. Later, the daughter claimed she was Ruth's biological daughter by a girlfriend. He also adopted his second wife's daughter.

Is Babe Ruth's daughter still alive?

Babe Ruth had two daughters, one he fathered and one he adopted. Dorothy Ruth Pirone, his biological daughter, passed away in 1989. His adopted daughter, Julia Ruth Stevens, was 12 when Ruth married her mother. She is 89 years old and living in Arizona.

What president had a daughter named Babe Ruth?

Grover Cleveland had a daughter named Ruth who died at age 12. The company that makes the Babe Ruth candy bar claims that she was the inspiration for the name, but that is likely to be an urban legend.

Where was Babe Ruth born?

No, he had one daughter by his first wife.

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what is the value of a 1933 babe ruth career highlight baseball card