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Q: What is the value of a Chipper Jones autograph?
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What is pinnacle chipper Jones rookie prospect card worth?

What is the value of chipper jones rookie card

Value of chipper Jones rookie card?

value of # chipper jones emotion rookie card fleer/skybox card.

Does Sharon or Chipper Jones have their children?

Larry III, Tristen, and Shea

What is Chipper Jones's birthday?

Chipper Jones was born on April 24, 1972.

Value of gold leaf rookies chipper Jones?

The 1993 Leaf Gold Rookies No. 19 Chipper Jones card is valued at $3.10. It can be found for sale online for $2.50 to $3.50.

What is the birth name of Chipper Jones?

Chipper Jones's birth name is Larry Wayne Jones Jr..

What team does Chipper Jones play for?

Chipper Jones plays for the MLB Atlanta Braves

Does Chipper Jones have a nickname?

Chipper is his nickname, Larry Wayne Jones is his real name.

Where was Chipper Jones born?

Chipper Jones was born in DeLand, Florida on April 24, 1972.

When did Chipper Jones annouce his retirement?

Chipper Jones announced his retirement on March 22, 2012.

What is the value of a 2002 topps chipper Jones baseball card?

Less than 25 cents.