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What ever someone is willing to pay!

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Q: What is the value of a 1998 World Series commemorative pin set limited edition 2300 of 5000?
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Value of 1992 World Series commerative series baseball cards?

what is the value of Don Ross 1992 champion season, commemorative set of Toronto Blue Jays world series

What is the value of smith and Wesson semi-automatic 45 caliber World War 1 commemorative edition pistol?

Nothing. S&W did not make this.

Was the 1967 World Series Balls signed or were they stamped?

1967 World Series BaseballYou could have either or. You have to determine if the ball you have features hand signed signatures or a stamped signature that would appear on a souvenir baseball or commemorative. You also have to determine which team signed the ball or if the signatures are of players from both World Series teams. In 1967 official regular season baseballs were used. It was not until 1978 when Rawlings started making the official World Series game baseballs that have an Official World Series Stamp. If your baseball has a 1967 World Series logo it could be a commemorative baseball with stamped signatures.

How much is j misa doll limited edition worth?

what is the value of a j.misa rcelain collectable doll with the serial number 1683 and serial number 1684. Limited edition to 5,000 pieces world wide

How many World Series have been played since 1903?

The 2012 World Series will be the 108th edition of the Fall Classic, which was first played in 1903. The Series was not held in 1904 and 1994.

What is the worth of a 1997 World Series limited edition baseball number 1 of 5000?

it isn't number 1 out of the 5000, it is only 1 out of the 5000 I also have the same baseball and have been searching for a price for a while.

What is call of duty world at war collector's edition?

Limited Collector's Edition includes Day 1 Edge, Double Experience, canteen (not intended for drinking), and metal tin

What is the value of a special edition Louisville Slugger autographed engraved White Sox 2005 Black Bat World Series Champions edition 6579 of 10000?

what is the value of the louisville slugger autographed engraved white sox 2005 black bat world series champion

What is the worth of a 1995 Cleveland Indians World Series Heavy Hitter limited edition baseball bat?

Limited edition is a term often used by makers of memorabilia to indicate scarcity. A limited edition means just that - production of the item in question will be limited to a certain number. However, that number may be large or small, and is relevant to the amount of collectors interested in it. The value of a limited edition item is high only if the number made is less than the number of collectors that desire the item. If the Limited amount made is more than the amount of collectors interested, the value will go down from the issued price.Heavy Hitter makes many different baseball bats, and in general the resale value of these bats are under $100. Most of the heavy hitter bats (unsigned) are more of a novelty and have a low collectors base.

What price is the Fable 2 limited edition in Ireland?

In Ireland, the Xbox 360 game, Half Life, is 49.99 for the Limited Edition. Obviously, this is subject to chance, as are the prices for practically everything. And, what with inflation in the UK and Ireland, and nowadays, the world, it is likely that the price will rise significantly in coming weeks.

This present edition of world cup 2010 is which edition?

19th edition.

What is the call of duty black ops limited edition zombies code?

It unlocks all the old zombie maps from call of duty world at war.

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