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i have 1 of the "greatest ever" special retirement cards. can anyone please help me on where i can sell it?

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โˆ™ 2011-09-24 22:40:08
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Q: What is the value of a 1993 Michael Jordan 3-time NBA MVP Retirement Plaque with a golden signature?
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How much is a 1993 Michael Jordan three-time NBA MVP retirement plaque with a golden signature worth?

I just sold one for 120,500 dollars they are very very very rare

How much is a Michael Jordan plaque worth?

The value of a Michael Jordan plaque is dependent on the type of plaque as well as its condition. As of 2014 plaques sell for around 40 dollars.

What is the value of a Michael Jordan plaque?


How much is a Michael Jordan White Sox plaque worth?


Michael Jordan a legend retires wall plaque limited edition how much is it worth?

The wall plaque is no 482 of 1999, Purchased in the states looking to sell

How much is a Michael Jordan plaque worth that contains a 6x4 photograph an autograped 1993 Skybox card an enscribed letter of authenticity and a signature on back?

its is worth about 100.00 . but i think it is worth it . so buy it .ha ray

How do you write a retirement plaque?


Michael Jordan plaque with 3 peat cards one says one in15000 What is it worth?

have you been able to get this question answered anywhere else? i too have a similar plaque and i also want to know how much it may be worth.

Which President's name is inscribed on the 1969 Apollo 11 moon plaque?

The name and signature on the plaque are of president Richard Nixon.

What is the writing on the Apollo 11 plaque?

The writing on the plaque of Apollo 11 says Here men from the planet earth first set foot on the moon . We came in peace for all mankind. It has the signature of Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins Edwin Aldrin and that of president Richard Nixon.

What is an appropriate gift for someone leaving for the military?

Retirement is one of life's achievements, it might symbolize the end but it also symbolizes accomplishment and success. Giving such a retirement plaque is a way of commemorating Someones hard work in his service for many years. It is also a way of honoring a retiring member of an organization particularly in Military units and government personnel. Retirement plaques are work of art that is made with the finest wood materials. It is usually given as a reward or a retirement gift to the retirees of Military and Government personnel as a sign of appreciation for serving the country. Having a Retirement plaque is equivalent to a great commitment and dedication. If you are looking for a Retirement Plaque -- for Air force, Army Coast Guard, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy or for any department of the US Government,. You can also personalize your chosen plaque by adding name of the person, symbols, emblem and his rank.

12x15 Michael Jordan plaque. In the right corner there's a golden triangle with a ball and hoop and trophy. It also has a pic a metal name plate and a 1995 upperdeck card. How much is it worth?

QUESTION CONTINUED: It also says #1431 on the back of the plaque. The picture is of Michael Jordan with his hands on his knees in his white #23 jersey. The red and gold colored metal name plate just says "Michael Jordan #23 Chicago Bulls." The gold triangle in the corner is made of some kind of plastic. The frame is black and marble colored. The plastic frame that holds the card does come open so you can look at the back of the card. (I found 2 other marble MJ plaques online for $20-ish but they were plainer and not this particular plaque. Mine has more things on it and I spent about $40 originally.) It isn't signed or anything though. Does anyone know the price of this plaque? Is it rare now? Because I can't find it anywhere online and I really wanted to know much it's worth.

When was Riley on the Mound written?

I own a plaque of Riley on the mound with a signature and date 5-26-69. I would also be intersted in its value. How do I do that??

What is the value of a Yankee plaque with Thurman Munson Gene Michael and Mel Stottlemyre autograph?

0 dallors

What is one of the gifts MrAmorosa presented to Michael as a reward for stopping the purse snatcher?

a plaque in recognition and a picture for the newspaper

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What does plaque mean

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What is the value of an 1992 Olympic gold medal Dream Team plaque with Bird Jordan and Magic?

This item is virtually worthless in the world of collectibles and is worth a few dollars.

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