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The bat you have might be a World Series "Black Bat" They were given to participating players, and dignitaries from teams in the world series. They have facsimile signatures of the entire team in gold on a dark black ebony bat. Names in script for Hillerich & Bradsby endorsees and block letter for non endorsed players.

"Black Bats" are highly sought after in excellent to near mint condition. Any grade lower will devalue the price considerably. A 1960 New York Yankees Black Bat is worth about $575.-$775.

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Q: What is the value of a 1960 Yankees embossed autographed team bat?
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What is the value of an autographed picture of Bill Mazeroski from the 1960 World Series?

About $30 to $45 in excellent condition.

What is the value of a 1960 Duluth-Superior dukes autographed baseball?

To the right person (Family member) it could be invaluable. To the sports memorabilia collector $30-50

Who was the shortstop for the 1960 New York Yankees?

In 1960, Tony Kubek was the starting shortstop for the Yankees. His backup was Joe DeMaestri.

What is the Value of 1960 pro bowl New York Football Giants autographed Football?

the cost to the pro bowl ball would cost between $500-$1000.00

Who was the New York Yankees manager in 1953?

Casey Stengel was the Yankees manager in 1953. Casey managed the Yankees from 1949-1960.

Who won the World Series in 1960 and who was MVP?

The Pittsburgh Pirates beat the New York Yankees in the 1960 World Series. Bobby Richardson of the New York Yankees won the 1960 World Series MVP Award.

Who was the New York Yankee manager in 1960?

Casey Stengel managed the Yankees from 1949 to 1960.

What years did Roger Maris play for the New York Yankees?

Maris played for the Yankees from 1960 to 1966.

What year did Sparky Lyle and Bobby Shantz play on the Yankees?

They didn't play together on the Yankees. Shantz was with the Yankees from 1957-1960 and Lyle from 1972-1978.

How many games did the New York Yankees win in 1960?

In 1960, the Yankees regular season record was 97-57. They lost the World Series to the Pittsburgh Pirates 4 games to 3.

How many complete games did the pitchers have on the 1960 New York Yankees?

38. Whitey Ford and Art Ditmar led the 1960 Yankees in complete games with 8 each.

Who was the manager of the New York Yankees in the 1950's?

It was Casey Stengel. He was the Yankees manager from 1949-1960.

What year did Casey Stengel retire from the New York Yankees?

Casey Stengel's final season as manager of the Yankees was 1960.

Who was billy martins backup at second base during the 1960 World Series?

Billy Martin was not with the Yankees in 1960 ... he was with the Cincinnati Reds. Bobby Richardson was the Yankees second baseman in 1960 and went 11 for 30 batting in the World Series for a .367 average.

What number was Roger Maris for the New York Yankees?

Roger Maris wore #9 for the Yankees from 1960-1966. In 1984, the Yankees retired the #9 in his honor.

What year was Roger Maris traded to the New York Yankees?

Roger Maris was traded to the NY Yankees in December of 1959. Yes his first year playing for the Yankees was in 1960.

Who played third base for the New York Yankees in the 1960s?

Clete Boyer was the 3rd basemen for the 1960 New York Yankees ...

Has the mvp for the World Series come from a losing team?

The Pittsburgh Pirates beat the New York Yankees in the 1960 World Series. Yankees second baseman Bobby Richardson was the 1960 World Series MVP.

How much is a autographed baseball from 1960 san Francisco giants worth?

I would say a good 14k

What team did the Yankees get Roger Maris from in a trade in 1960?

Kansas City Athletics

What would the value of a 1950 or 1960 jaguar be.?

Value of antique automobile . Jaguar with the vintage being about 1950 1960.

Who was baseball's most valuable player for the American league in 1960?

The 1960 American League's Most Valuable Player was Phil Rizzuto, shortstop for the New York Yankees. Correction, Rizzuto was the MVP in 1950. The AL MVP in 1960 was Roger Maris, right fielder for the Yankees.

Who wore number 24 for the New York Yankees in 1960?

Pitcher Duke Maas.

In 1960 whose home run allowed the Pirates to beat the Yankees?

bill mazeroski

What was the game score before the last game in the World Series in 1960?

The New York Yankees and the Pittsburgh Pirates played in the 1960 World Series with the Pirates winning in 7 games. The score of Game 6 was Yankees 12, Pirates 0.