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A 1957 New York Yankees Year book could be worth a couple of hundred dollars in near mint condition. Once you start putting signatures on it you devalue the year book. A collector of year books will prefer the book without signatures, and will not pay more money for the added signatures, and more than likely pass on it all together. On the other hand a collector of Autographs most likely will not pay the extra money for the signatures on a collectible unless it is presented in a displayable fashion. If you can acquire the same signatures on a less expensive Photo or item than a collectible year book why pay the extra $200.00? In the world of autograph collecting photographs, and equipment (ball, Bat, Jersey) are the most desirable items to be signed. That's not to say there are not collectors out there that would not desire a 1957 autographed year book. It's just harder to find one willing to pay the extra money. Condition of the year book, as well as the signatures being authenticated will also effect the value. The key signatures for the 1957 New York Yankees are Stengel, Slaughter, Berra, Mantle, and Howard and will be valued at about $600. - $900. You are missing two of the key signatures, with Mickey Mantle being the most important. I would estimate the value of your 1957 Yankee year book at about $250. - $500. The same signatures on an William Harridge Official American League Baseball would be worth more.

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Q: What is the value of a 1957 New York Yankees yearbook autographed by everyone except Mantle and Howard?
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