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Q: What is the value of a 1941 Wilson Baseball glove Model A2940 Bob Fellar?
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What does a1000 mean for wilson baseball gloves?

The a1000 is just another model of gloves made by wilson. They are supposed to be the best one out there but I see all gloves the same and I have been playing for years.

Year for a Wilson A2760 Spear M model baseball glove?

One Google source says it is a 1940's mitt with a value of about $85.

What baseball glove glove does Evan longoria use?

Evan Longoria uses a Wilson A2000 model. Wilson has begun to sell an Evan Longoria model in their A2000 line, however it looks different than his game glove. It might be the same pattern, just different color leather. It is a Wilson A2000EL3BBL, which is an 11.75 single post web. It is the exact same model as the one sold to the public. Only difference is the color.

Which baseball glove did Al Kaline endorse?

Al Kaline endorsed Wilson Gloves. Some of the model include Wilson A2000, A2010, A2022, A2004, A2324, A2283 and 9656. He also had endorsements with Sonnett, and Hutch. For more information on vintage baseball gloves see Related Links below.

What special events in Woodrow Wilson's life?

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What model of glove does josh Hamilton use?

Josh Hamilton's glove model is Wilson A2000 JH32-GM.

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What are the top five baseball gloves?

Improved answer 1. Akadema 2. Rawlings 3. Wilson 4. Mizuno 5. Louisville slugger New Answer: My top five would be: 1. Rawlings Pro Preferred 2. Wilson A2K 3. Akadema Precision Kip (my current glove) 4. Rawlings Heart of the Hide 5. Wilson A2000 Honorable mention to: Mizuno Pro Limited, Nike Pro Gold, Louisville Slugger TPX Pro Flare, Zett BIG line (older model from Zett, but i loved my BIG 1506) 1.worth liberty 2.wrawlings heart of the hide 3.wilson a2000 4.wilson a2k 5.akadima

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What is the value of an old Wilson A1300 famous players Roger Maris model bat?