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about $35.00

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Q: What is the value of a1986 topps football rack pack?
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What is the value of an unopened pack of 1988 topps baseball cards?

1988 Topps Wax PackThe 1988 Topps baseball cards came out during the baseball card boom that started around 1987. Enormous amount of cards were printed during this era to meet the high demand. Today the sets out number the amount of collectors. An unopened wax pack has a value of about .40 cents.

Original price of topps 1965 pack of baseball cards?

5 cents was the price on the pack.

How much is baseball and basketball cards cost between 1989 to 1992?

are you looking 4 current value or retail value. and there were millions of different cards printed within those years so anywhere from nothing to $400-$600 for autographs and jersey cards. buy a Beckett it will tell you. As stated above, the question is not specific enough to give a current value, as there are too many different issues to list. You would need a price guide like Becketts to find this information. I'm going to treat the question as "how much did" (past) instead of how much is"(current), and Cost as the selling price, as value would be current worth. The cost for a pack of cards for both sports, and all of the major companies at the time should be about the same. The major companies were Topps, Upper Deck, Fleer, Donruss, and Score. The Bowman name was also brought back by Topps in 1989, as it was the first year for Upper Deck. Topps at .45 cents per 15 card wax pack in 1989 would put the cost of a card at about .03 cents each. The Topps base set issued in 15 card wax packs sold at a cost as follows. * 1988 Topps Wax Pack - .40 cents * 1989 Topps Wax Pack - .45 cents * 1990 Topps Wax Pack - .50 cents * 1991 Topps Wax Pack - .50 cents * 1992 Topps Wax pack - .55 cents

How much did the 1972 topps baseball cards sell for?

10 cents a pack

When was Nevada Wolf Pack football created?

Nevada Wolf Pack football was created in 1896.

How much is a Nerf Vulcan value pack cost?

A value pack is around $100.99 dollars but, however a regular pack is $70.99

How many football cards in a pack?


What is the value of an unopened insert pack of pacific backyard football cards with Brett favre number 4 and drew bledsoeworth?

10 bucks American

How much did the Topps company sell a pack of cards for in 1952?

.05 cents a packA pack of baseball cards cost .05 cents in 1952, and you got a stick of gum!

What is the value of a Topps Baseball Major League Stars Mickey Mantle stamp?

The Mickey Mantle stamp #121 is worth about $75. - $100. In 1961 Topps inserted these stamps in a pack of cards. The stamps came in panels of two, and are more valuable as such. The stamps that read Topps Baseball Stamps on top of an oval with the players picture, and Major League Stars below. The stamps issued included Berra, Aaron, Martin, Maris, and others.

What is the Cost of a pack of tops baseball cards at target?

A pack of Topps at Target is $2 bucks. A jumbo pack at target is $10. Better to buy a hobby pack at a hobby shop though. Better odds of better cards, and still probably $2 or maybe $2.50.

How much are unopened 36 pack boxes of 1991 topps baseball cards worth?

it is worth probably likee 5 cent'ss

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