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Q: What is the value of Regno d'italia cinqve?
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What is a lire cinqve worth?

There is no set value for how much a Cinqve Lire worth. Certain aspects like age can raise the value. Some can sell for $1,550,000 or more.

How much is a cinqve lire 5?

The value of a cinqve lire (5 lire) coin would depend on its condition, year of issue, and any historical significance it may have. In general, since the lira is no longer in circulation and Italy now uses the euro, the coin would likely only hold value to collectors or as a historical artifact.

What is the value of 1919 20 cent regno D'italia?

Depending on condition, usually 1 usd

When was Riccardo Regno born?

Riccardo Regno was born on 1992-08-12.

When was Un giorno di regno created?

Un giorno di regno was created in 1840.

What actors and actresses appeared in Un nuovo Regno - 2011?

The cast of Un nuovo Regno - 2011 includes: Sara Missaglia

When was John Del Regno born?

John Del Regno was born on April 27, 1947, in New York City, New York, USA.

What actors and actresses appeared in Il regno dei piccioni - 1996?

The cast of Il regno dei piccioni - 1996 includes: Maurizio Azzali

How to check regno of al fursaan?

Regno of al Fursan is a term used in Italian. This means to find out the rent of an apartment. Al Fursan is an apartment complex that also has suites for rent.

Where is a 1918 20 cent Regno d'Italia coin from?

A quick search, especially using translation tools, will show that Regno d'Italia means "Kingdom of Italy" (in Italian, of course....)The denomination in Italian is centesimi, which was 1/100 of a lira. As of 10/2015, a 1918 20-centesimi coin in average condition has a retail value of less than US$2.

What is a 1969 Banca D'Italia 1000 dollar worth?

I have a 1000 BANCA DITALIA LIRE MILLE papar bill. I believe the date is 1969. Serial # HD 662668 W. Also has a picture of a bearded man name Cassiere?. Any idea of value.

What is 'kingdom' when translated from English to Italian?

"Kingdom" in English is regno in Italian.