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Depends on the shirt, club or country. If its England, it has a greater value than a club. If it's club then is it home or away, e.g rare away or 3rd kit more valuable. Home shirts hold lesser value as worn more regularly, so more of them. If you know the game then it holds a greater value than an unknown game, also can you prove it IS match worn and not just match issued/prepared. As a former agent of footballers I can tell you that players are given more than one shirt and often prefer to keep their worn shirts for friends/family/themselves, even choosing to hand over issued shirts to other footballers who request a swap after a game. I know of one lad who asked Beckham to swap after a game and he said the shirt was for someone else, but later passed on a match issued shirt to the guy via a mutual friend. So it depends on the authenticity and whether it can be proved that IT IS actually worn. This is the tricky bit and due to the fact that most people claim to have match worn shirts based on "some one telling them", shirts should be presumed to be match issued. I have such a shirt that even has grass stains on it, (although un-autographed) and according to Sothebys the auctioneers, it holds the value of £300-£700 at auction. Hope this helps.

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Q: What is the value of David Beckham worn autographed game jersey?
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