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1992 Score Baseball Card SetThe 1992 Score Baseball card set consist of 893 standard size cards. A complete set has a book value of $5.00 in Near Mint - Mint condition. A sealed factory set has a book value of about $7.50. Key cards in the set include: card number 2 - Nolan Ryan, card number 800 - Manny Ramirez RC, card number 884 - Cal Ripken DT, and card number 555 - Barry Bonds. Noted rookies include: Vinny Castilla and Manny Ramirez.

See Related Links below for a complete 1992 Score baseball crad checklist.

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Q: What is the value of 1992 Score baseball cards collectors set?
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What is the value of score 1990 complete set of baseball cards?


Where can the resale value of baseball cards be found?

The resale value of baseball cards can be found in Beckett's pricing guide. Beckett is notorius in the sports collectible world and is what most collectors use to determine the value of an item.

Value of unopened score baseball magic motion trivia cards?

1 dollars

What is the value of a pack of 1988 score baseball cards?

They are sold on average for 3 for $1 or .50 a pack

What is the value of 1990 score collector set of baseball cards 704 player cards and 56 magic motion trivia cards still sealed in box?


What is the first year that score started to make baseball trading cards?

1988 - and I have that unopened set. I believe you can now find a 'collectors' set of that year with a "Vintage" label on the wrapping. I'm not sure if that's original or not. I'm still trying to determine that myself as I'm curious about the value of the cards.

How much is your baseball cards worth?

The value of baseball cards as with any other collectible is dictated by supply, and demand. The lower the number of items available on the market with the highest demand will have a higher value. Older baseball cards are fewer in number than today's baseball cards, and in general have a higher value. There are modern cards that have high value, that are available in high numbers but, the demand for those cards is greater than the number avalible. As time passes if collectors lose interest in these cards because of the large numbers printed the value will drop big time. The older cards in less number in time will have a better chance of holding their value longer.

What is the value of Mort and Mindy cards?

the value is nothing there not baseball cards.

22kt shoeless joe Jackson baseball card worth?

The 22kt. "limited" edition gold cards have a low collectors value and are viewed as more of a novelty. Limited edition does not add value when there are more cards made than collectors interested in the market. These cards including the Joe Jackson card are commonly found on eBay selling for about $5.

Value of baseball cards?

Get a copy of the latest Standard Catalog Of Baseball Cards.

What is the value of an unopened pack of 1988 topps baseball cards?

1988 Topps Wax PackThe 1988 Topps baseball cards came out during the baseball card boom that started around 1987. Enormous amount of cards were printed during this era to meet the high demand. Today the sets out number the amount of collectors. An unopened wax pack has a value of about .40 cents.

What are 1988 score Major League Baseball cards worth?

The 1988 Score baseball card set produced by Major League Marketing consisted of 660 baseball cards. A complete set has a book value of about $8.00. A sealed factory set has a book value of about $10.00. Key Cards in the set that have the highest value include. Card 5 - Mark McGwire, Card 164 - Ken Caminiti RC, Card 265 - Barry Bomds, and Card 638 - Tom Glavine RC

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