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it depends on the year

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Q: What is the value for complete team sets of old baseball scorecards?
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Where do you find a list of the values of complete unopened baseball card sets?

Baseball Card Checklist and Price GuideSee Related Links below for a baseball card checklist that includes all the major card companies, miscellaneous sets, values for complete sets, and sealed factory sets.

Value of 1985 topps complete set?

According to books on the value of card sets, the 1985 set of topps baseball cards with the McGwire and Clemens rookie cards is worth about $80.00. With the teroid scandels, the value has decreased over the years. It used to be well over $100.00

What is the value of a complete set of Eisenhower dollars including silver and proof coins?

Complete (32 coin) sets of Eisenhower dollars are in the $210.00 range.

Value of a complete Mickey Mouse pewter train set?

The value of a complete Mickey Mouse pewter train set varies by its condition. Sets in mint condition sell for around 50 dollars as of 2014.

What is the value of a Topps MLB 792 picture card set from 1987?

Unfortunately, this is one of the most common sets of baseball cards on the market. You can purchase a complete set in Near Mint condition on eBay for $5.00 or so.

How much is a complete set of Jefferson Nickels dated 1938-1964 worth?

It depends on the grades of the coins in the set, most sets that I see are in the grade range of Very Fine or below and are of low value, $20.00 to $25.00. Complete sets of Jefferson nickels are common.

Is there any value in Lionel trains?

There is much value on Lionel Trains, especially really old stuff and complete sets in their original boxes. Talk with a certified Lionel repair shop or an appraiser for an exact value on your piece.

What are two complete sets of chromosomes?

Cells with two complete sets of chromosomes are called diploid cells. Those sells that only have one complete set of chromosomes are called haploid cells.

Where can you get the complete futurama DVD collection?

The complete sets may be purchased from .

Complete extra sets of chromosomes?


During which stage of mitosis are complete sets of?

During which stage of mitosis are complete sets of chromosomes drawn to opposite sides of the parent cell?

Do most bedroom sets come complete with a mattress?

Yes each sets come with its own size bed that fit the frame of the sets

What sporting good stores offer complete gym sets?

Dick's sporting goods has hundreds of complete home gym sets. You can order your complete gym from home or go to one of their many convenient locations.

How much are topps baseball complete sets from 1990-92 worth?

1990-$20 1991-$20 1992-$25

How do you get a complete set of Major League Baseball cards?

A lot of times, you can get those sets at the same place you buy your individual packs near the end of the season.

What is the value of 1789 presidential head coin sets?

There were no coin sets made in 1789.

Presence of complete extra sets of chromosomes?


How many complete sets of genes do you get from your father?


What the presence of complete extra sets of chromosomes?


Titan has 492 quarters that he served he wrap them in sets of 24 how many complete sets can he take to the bank?

492/24 = 20.5Therefore, he can take 20 complete sets, with 12 (half a set) left over.

What is an abnormality where there are extra complete multiples of chromo sets?

Cells go by the number of sets that are in the body. Like haploid has one set, diploid has 2 sets, triploid has three sets, tetraploid has four sets, pentaploid has five sets and polyploidy is for three or more sets of chromosomes.

What is topps traded Tiffany?

Topps Gum Company makes baseball cards. And every year they make complete sets of all the cards for that year. In the late 1980's and thru to the 1990's they made a high end complete set of cards where all cards were high gloss. These were limited edition sets and sold for more than the regular complete set for that year. Both 792 cards sets were made as well as the Traded 120 card set too in Tiffany.

Organisms having more than two complete sets of chromosomes are said to be?

Organisms that have more than two complete sets of chromosomes are said to be polyploid. This often occurs in plants.

Why did my topps 1991 complete baseball card set decrease in value over the last 20years... aren't they supposed to be worth more now?

Supply and Demand not TimeA collectible does not grow in value because of age. Supply and demand dictates the value. As time goes by, and more collectors join the market looking for an item that is in low availability the value will rise.In 1991, the height of baseball card collecting, sets were produced in large numbers to meet the high demand. Today there are more sets or cards in the market than collectors. The value goes down.Baseball cards produced before 1980 are in fewer number because in time cards were ruined, thrown out or lost. Today these cards are in high demand, and the suplly is lower than the number of collectors, raising the value.

Topps baseball card checklist?

Topps Baseball Card ChecklistSee Related Links below for a complete 1951 - 2010 Topps baseball card checklist. I will also leave links to the Topps traded sets, Topps insert sets, and Checklists for other baseball card checklists for various companies including Topps Stadium Club.