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Baseball and its not even close.

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Q: What is the use of the statistic in sports?
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What are the statistic to get into a sports team?

Really nothing just be good at that sport

How is statistics applied in sports?

The most common type of statistic would possibly be a batting average in baseball.

How can sports help you to focus in school?

You concentrate a lot in sports. You can use all that concentration and use it for school.

Sports that use ratios?

Mostly all sports use ratios to caculate the number of wins and losses.

What sports are steroids banned from?

Clearly all sports. No sports allow use of steroids.

Does a sports filer use more gas?

What is a sports filer? Please clarify.

Which sports use mouthgurds?

All the sports because you could get injure in your mouth

What is mastery of skills in sports?

Having the right skills to use in sports to be good at them.

What sports use the cardiac muscle?

All sports that require the competitor to be alive use the cardiac AKA the heart muscle.

What are some sports that use the anterior deltoid muscle?

Table tennis Croquet Squah Minly sports that use feet.

What are two sports that use boats and outboards?

There are various sports that use boats and outboards for recreation. Two sports that require a boat and outboards are wake-boarding and water-skiing.

What is an example of darts?

they are use in sports