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Q: What is the university of Michigan win-loss record against university of Wisconsin football teams?
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What year did Michigan start football?

The University of Michigan played their first football game on May 30, 1879 against a team from Racine, Wisconsin. Michigan won the game 1-0.

When will Central Michigan University play football against Western Michigan University in 2010?

Yes, they are rivals and play every year.

What is the football series record for university of Michigan versus notre dame?

Michigan holds a 23-16-1 record against Notre Dame

What is the most points scored against the University of Michigan in a single football game?

who the f&%^$ cares they'r loosers

Could you drive from Wisconsin to Michigan without touching another state?

Yes. The upper peninsula of Michigan touches right against north eastern Wisconsin.

Does any college football team have a winning record against Michigan?

Appalachian State is undefeated against Michigan

Who did Michigan play their first football game against?


What year was Central Michigan University's first football team assembled?

Central Michigan's first game was played in 1896 against Alma High School. Alma won 14-5.

When was the last time Ohio State Football was shutout?

1982 Against Wisconsin

What is university of Texas football record against Wisconsin?

1-0. The schools have met once, that in the 1939 regular season in Madison, with Texas winning 17-7.

What is the longest winning streak for Michigan against Michigan state in college football?

7 Michigan won 8 straight from 1970-1977

Who holds the Michigan Rushing Yards in a single game?

Ron Johnson with 347 against Wisconsin in 1968.

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