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A two's club is usually where all entrants put some money in to a pot, and those who make a 2 on a hole split the pot.

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Q: What is the two club in ladies golf?
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Who can win a golf club monthly medal?

Juniour, mens and ladies

Is The ladies club singular possessive or plural possessive?

The ladie's club is not a correct possessive form.The noun ladies is the plural noun.The possessive form of the plural noun is ladies'.The correct plural possessive form is the ladies' club.The noun lady is the singular noun.The correct singular possessive form is a lady's club(a golf club intended for a female).

Why is golf called golf?

It is derived from a dutch word meaning club. It definitely does not stand for gentlemen only ladies forbidden!

Who makes good intermediate level ladies golf club sets?

I would recommend Cobra - a branch of Titleist.

What is the proper punctuation for Although the ladies club met no decision was made?

If "Ladies Club" is a group name: Although the Ladies Club met, no decision was made. If not (it is just an unnamed club for ladies): Although the ladies' club met, no decision was made.

When was Ladies' Golf Union created?

Ladies' Golf Union was created in 1893.

What does LPGA stands for?

Ladies Professional Golf Association

Is the ladies' club a plural possessive?

Yes, the noun phrase ladies' club is the possessive form of the club for ladies. The possessive noun ladies' is the plural possessive form.

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"Two Serious Ladies" by Jane Bowles has around 288 pages in its standard edition.

When was Ladies Asian Golf Tour created?

Ladies Asian Golf Tour was created in 2005.

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A golf club.