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Q: What is the twin of the wife of the super bowl xxxvi mvp?
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What is the name of the twin of the wife of the Super Bowl XXXVI MVP?

Tom Brady was the MVP of Super Bowl XXXVI. His wife is Gisele Bundchen and her twin's name is Patricia.

Does twin brother have rights over wife?

Over WHOSE wife - the wife of his twin? No!

What are the odd if your dad was a twin can your wife too be have a twin?

Yes, she can.

How do you tell your wife her twin tricked you into sleeping with her?

"Your twin tricked me into sleeping with her"

Does Steve Young have any brothers?

Steve Young has three Super Bowl Championships and 3 Super Bowl Rings.

What is the name of the super hero that has a twin and wears purple?

The superhero with a twin and wears purple is called The Vision. He is a Marvel Comics character known for his android and synthetic body. Vision's twin is his wife, Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlet Witch.

Who has a twin sister of Zeus an d was beguiled into becoming his wife when Zeus transfomed himself?

he didn't have a twin sister zeus's son Apollo has a twin sister Apollo's twin sister Artemis

Has frank ieros wife had the twins?

Yup. Twin Girls!!

What is Synyster Gates' wife's name?

Michelle Dibenedetto. She's M. Shadows' wife's twin sister.

If your wife was an identical twin your sister had twins and your grandmother was a twin on your dads side am you goin to have twins?

Most likely "YES" would be the answer.

Does Steve Nash have wife?

Yes, he does...Her name is Alejandra and they live in Phoenix with twin daughters.

Does frank iero have children?

He has twin daughters Cherry and Lily with his wife, Jamia Nestor.