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There are several standardized distances: Sprint (750 meters), Olympic (1.5 kilometers swim), the Long Course (1.9km swim), and Ultra Distance (3.9 km swim).

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Q: What is the triathlon swimming distance?
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What is the swimming distance in a triathlon?

It depends on the triathlon. The usual length is 1/2 mile to 1.5 kilometers. The olympic distance triathlon is 1700 yards.

What the junior triathlon swim distance?

For the Youth F1 Triathlon the swimming distance is 250-400 meters, and for the Elite Developmental Race it is 750 meters

What is triathlon's swimming length?

It depends on what the Triathlon is...Sprint Distance is usually a swim of about a half mile (0.47). Olympic or International Distance is a swim of about one mile (0.93). Then there is the half-Ironman (70.3) or Long Distance Triathlon as they are sometimes referred to which has a swim of 1.2 miles. Then the ultimate Triathlon that many work toward which is the full Ironman distance and that has a swim of 2.4 miles.

How do you use triathlon i a sentence?

The triathlon consisted of running, swimming, and biking.

Which sports are part of the triathlon?

a triathlon contains swimming running and bicycling

What comes first in a triathlon?

In a Triathlon the order of sports is... swimming followed by cycling and finally running.

Which leg of the race kicks off the triathlon?


What is the name for triathlon of cycling running and swimming?


Swimming Workouts for Triathlon Training?

Yes, if you would like to prepare for a triathlon you should look into a couple of different workouts. You will want to try Sprint Triathlon Swim workouts if the swimming is what you need the most help in.

What does a triathlon consist of?

A triathlon consists of three events ....namely : 1) swimming 2) biking 3) running

What is the triathlon swim distance?


What other sport did Lance Armstrong participate in?

Swimming, Triathlon

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