What is the treatment goal of hypochondriasis?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Hypochondriasis, This type means you have signs or symptoms of an illness and fear it is a serious illness. It is the fear or belief that one has a serious disease based on the misinterpretation of bodily symptoms.

Basic practices such as following a balanced diet, engaging in daily physical exercise, as well as steering clear of habits like drinking, Psychotherapy, in particular Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CTB) can be helpful for those with illness anxiety disorder when dealing with health anxiety.

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The goal of therapy is to help the patient (and family) live with the symptoms and to modify thinking and behavior that reinforces hypochondriacal symptoms.

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Q: What is the treatment goal of hypochondriasis?
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Although hypochondriasis is usually considered a disorder of young adults, it is now increasingly recognized in children and adolescents. The disorder accounts for about 5% of psychiatric patients, and is equally common in men and women.

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Hypochondriasis - or it could in plain be health anxiety!

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