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fish and chips

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Q: What is the traditional dish served at Wimbledon?
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What is Wimbledon's traditional dish?

strawberries and cream

What is served as tradition at Wimbledon?

Most people accept Strawberries and Cream as the traditional food for Wimbledon.

What is a traditional snack served at Wimbledon?

strawberries u dumb sh*t

Who is given the Venus rosewater dish at Wimbledon?

The Venus Rosewater Dish is given to the women's singles champion at Wimbledon.

What is the definition of mangu?

Mangú is a Dominican traditional side dish served for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

What is a traditional Chinese dish served at special occasions that endangers biodiversity?

Shark Fin Soup.

Traditional mutton dish simmered with vegetables?

A traditional mutton dish simmered with vegetables would be Irish Stew, which is made all over the British Isles and served under different names.

What is a traditional dish from the country Qatar?

There are a few. One of them is machboush, a meat dish served over rice. Check out related links for more and for recipes.

What is the English traditional dish?

the English traditional dish is turkey.

What is the national dish for Costa Rica?

The traditional national dish is called a casado. It again consists of rice and beans served side by side instead of mixed.

What is the origin of flautas?

They were just renamed by someone who speaks spanish, but they are the traditional dish named Lumpia served in the Phillipines.

What special dish is served on Hanukkah?

traditional foods include potato pancakes (latkes) and jelly donuts (sufganiot)

What is traditional at the Wimbledon championship?

The players are restricted to wear the dress according to the codes of Wimbledon.

What is the traditional dish of antarctica?

There is no society or culture in Antarctica; hence no 'traditional dish'.

What would be a common food dish served in Germany?

"your mother" is a dish served in Germany

Which dish is associated with the Wimbledon tennis tournament?

strawberries and cream

Who served the most aces at Wimbledon in 2012?


Is fish and chips a traditional Liverpool dish?

It's a traditional dish throughout England.

What are the two traditional colours of Wimbledon?

purple and green

What is define plate?

It is a flat dish from which food is served or eaten.Refers to a flat dish which food is served.

When was cooked pig feet invented?

Cooked pigs feet have been a dish served in several cultures for many centuries. This dish is a traditional dish of Scandinavia and South Korea that dates back to the 14th and 15th century.

What time of the day are enchiladas served at?

Enchiladas are a dish that is served either for lunch or dinner. Enchiladas are a Mexican dish that is a main dish.

Whats a Dish starting with the letter T?

Turkey is a dish served at Thanksgiving. T-bone steak is a dish served at dinner.

Is ratatouille an Irish dish?

No, it is a traditional French dish.

What is the correct sentence of palatable a dish french was served to the guest?

A palatable French dish was served to the guest.