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30 Franchised NHL teams with 23 players per team on the regular season roster. 690 players total.

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Q: What is the total number of players that play in the NHL?
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How many American players play for Canadian NHL Teams?

Out of 974 total player in the NHL there are 216 American born players currently playing in the NHL.

How many players are in the NHL?

Number of NHL PlayersThere are currently 690 players in the NHL.

Do NHL players wear 00?

no nhl players do not wear 00 because it is not a valid number

What is the maximum number of NHL teams?

There does not seem to be information on the maximum number of NHL teams in the league. However, the maximum numbers of players on an NHL team is eighty players.

How many novice kids became NHL players?

Only 1% of the kids who play hockey will ever play in the NHL.

Which NHL players wore number 33?

former blackhawks players that wore number 33

What percentage of minor hockey players play in the NHL?

1 of 5,000 players will make it more than 5 years at the NHL level.

How many Canadians play in NHL?

A lot. Over 55% of all NHL players are Canadian

How many players in the NHL are from Minnesota?

There have been a total 212 Minnesotans in the NHL (197 skaters + 15 goaltenders) as of January 2011. Minnesota has produced the most NHL players from the U.S. states.

How many players from the 1960 Olympic Hockey team went on to play in the NHL?

Only two players went on to play in the NHL. Tommy Williams became one of the best American born players ever to play in the NHL and goalie Jack McCartan played in 12 games for the New York Rangers. A third player, Herb Brooks, never played in the NHL but gained great fame as the coach of the 1980 Olympic team and as a coach in the NHL.

How do you play as goalie in nhl 07?

keep switching players

Are there more Americans or Canadians that play in the NHL?

There are more Canadians in the NHL. About half of all the players in the league are Canadian.

What is the average number of years NHL players play?

players usually make is into the nhl by the time theyre 24 but could start as young as 18 years old... and usually retire between the ages of 35-40 unless ur an ageless god like chris chellios and play till ur 48

Do NHL hockey players still play if they're sick?


Do NHL hockey players get paid to play for team Canada?


What League do most players play in before the NHL?

the curling association

Is there a limit to the number of players in a shoot out in hockey?

There are 3 players from each team in a NHL shootout

What nhl players wore number 8?

Cam Neely

How many players have worn number 13 in the NHL?


Which players in the NHL wear the number 25?

Cam Jansen

What NHL players wear number 9?

Zach Parise

What hockey players wear the number 00 in the nhl?


What NHL players wear number 2?

ya mum

Are there currently any NHL players with the same number?


What was the number that only 4 NHL players wore?