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Q: What is the total goals of maradona?
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How many career goals did maradona scored?

Maradona has scored 322 career goals.

How much goals maradona did score in international matches?

maradona has scored 34 goals in Argentina national team

How many goals did Maradona score?

Throughout his career Diego Maradona scored 352 goals. 352 not even close to what pele scored

How many goals did Maradona scored in 1986 world cup?

5 goals.

How Many Goals Did Diego Maradona Score at the 1982 World Cup?

2 goals

How many goals did Maradona score for Argentina?

Diego Maradona scored 292 goals in the many years of his professional career. Diego Maradona is considered the greatest football player by many football experts, critics, fans, current players, and former players.

Between Pele and Maradona who was the greatest player ever?

Pele on any day, he has 1,200 goals maradona is far away.

Which is the best soccer player in the world?

Pele.You can say its Maradona,but I ğo for Pele. this is a confusing question. there are recommended players like Pele, maradona, messi etc. Pele- 1393 matches, 1280 goals maradona- 311 goals messi- 203 club goals and 18 national goals. through this, Pele may be the best soccer player.

How many goals did Diego Maradona score for Napoli?


How many goals that maradona get in world cup history?

Diego Maradona, an argentine football legend, scored 8 goals and 8 assists in 21 world cup appearance. He scored 5 goals in the 1986 World Cup.

Who scored more fifa world cup goals diego maradona or miroslav klose?

Klose has scored 14, Maradona 8.

How many world cups did maradona win playing France?

In the 1986 world cup it was 5 goals , in 1990 it was two goals.