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The Don.

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Q: What is the top leader of Russian mafia called?
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Famous Russian mafia families?

The Russian mobs don't have "families" like the Italians do. In that they are more closely related to gangs. Right now the Russian Mafia organization called the Solntsevskaya Bratva holds the top position right now. Bratva means brotherhood. Solnrsevskaya is the area that they are from. Their "stomping grounds" if you will.

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Mafia Wars-Is there a way to see if others have you in their top mafia?

When they go to war have a look at their top mafia.

What is the top mafia on Mafia Wars?

It is the regular people in your mafia that are very good or your friends that you put in your top mafia to boost all your stats.

Why cant you view your top mafia in Mafia Wars?

To view your top mafia you simply:1. go to the mafia wars home page.2. scroll down until you see the words ' top mafia '

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no he can't but he will be removed if he removed you from his mafia.

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you will not know on who's family you are on the top mafia unless they tell you.

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How do you hide your mafia in Mafia Wars on Facebook?

You can hide it by not making a top mafia or it may notappear because there is always a problem with top mafia even showing up.

What top mafia positions can a fearless character do on Mafia Wars?

Master Boss is the Top position you can get.

Top Mafia Mastermind in FB Mafia Wars?


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