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about 15psi or 1.1bar.

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Q: What is the tire pressure on the f1 cars?
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How do you find the tire pressure of a cars tire?

Look along the tire rim.

Whats the exact tire pressure 28 or 30 psi?

tire pressure should be 28-32 for cars 35 for trucks and suv's

What is the tire pressure for a 1998 ford escort XZII 15in wheel?

Most cars have a chart on the door frame that gives the recommended tire pressure.

What is the recommended tire pressure on a 2004 Chevy Tahoe?

The factory recommended tire pressure is 35 psi, but most cars and trucks are 32 psi

What is the tire pressure on a 1995 Pontiac grand prix?

generally, most passenger cars tire pressure is @ 32 psi. So 32 psi.

What is correct tire pressure for 2000 maxima gle?

The most common tire pressure for passenger cars is 32 psi. On the sidewall of your tires, the correct pressure is stamped into the material.

Is the tire pressure same in bicycles and cars Why?

Depends on the type of bike. A skinny tire road bicycle will have several times higher pressure than a car tire, while a wide tire Mountainbike can have anything between the double to 1/3 of the pressure of a car tire.

What is Chevy Cavalier tire pressure?

The correct tire pressure is listed on you driver's door post and in your owner's manual. The maximum you should put in your tires is 35psi cold.Note: The correct pressure for the vehicle is NOT listed on the side of the tire. The pressure listed on the tire is the maximum pressure the tire can handle. The same tire is installed on many different cars and the correct pressure may be different on each vehicle.

How much air do you need in your tires on a daewoo matiz?

it has to say on the tire it should say something like MAX tire pressure 32(PSI) on most passenger cars thats the tire pressure but just to be sure check your tire

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What tire pressure for ford fiesta finesse 1.1?

30 psi is recommended in all cars

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