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Q: What is the time recorded longest for standing on a football?
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Who had the 1 record for the longest time?

The longest time recorded is 2010, the date today, in 2011 it will be recorded 2011, and it goes on.

What is the longest time in black ops zombies?

A longest time hasn't been officially recorded.

What is the longest injury time in football ever?


Led Zeppelin's longest studio recorded track?

I'm pretty sure In My Time of Dying is Led Zeppelin's longest studio recorded track.

What is the longest time standing?

There is no Guinness World Records listed specifically for longest time standing, however, St Simeons pole-sitting feat (c AD 521-97) is the longest-standing world record for an individual chronicled. Suresh Joachim holds the Guinness World Record for standing on one leg. He managed this for 76 hours and 40 minutes.

Who hold the longest time throwing a football?

28 hours

What is Longest time for standing on a ball?

well I have stood on a ball for 2 hours!!!

What is the longest two NFL football teams have gone undefeated at the same time the longest?

Patriots and the dolphins

Who has the longest winning streak of all time in Wisconsin high school football?


What was croke park largest fans?

The largest officially recorded attendance was at the 1961 All-Ireland Football Final, when 90,556 people was the attendance. At that time there was less seating and more standing room, so more could get in.

What college football team holds the longest losing streak of all-time?

bates college

When was The Longest Time by Billy Joel recorded?

1983. It was finally released as a single after popular demand in 1984.