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A batter (or batsman) is not timed, as far as I know, in test cricket. It may be different in some of the other versions.

If the batsman hits the ball without it being caught or running to score a run he will not be the batsman at the end of the over (six balls). His colleague will be the batsman for an over and then it will be his turn again.

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According to LAW 31 of cricket,

the batsman must face the ball or join the partner in the crease within specified time limit.Otherwise he's out.

For Test& ODI - 3 minutes

In T20 - 90 seconds.

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Q: What is the time limit a new batsman has to reach the crease?
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If batsman get entered in a crease after that ball hits a stump at that time batsman leg and bat both in air then it will be out or not out?

he will be out if he leg and bat is up in the air!!

Can you have a stumping and a run out at the same time in cricket?

No reason why not. If the keeper stumps the batsman at the striker's end then throws the ball to the bowler to whip the bails off at the other end with the non-striking batsman out of his crease, then they're both out.

If the fielder hits the stump with his leg at that time the fielder have the ball at that time the batesman is not in the crease In this case the batsman is out or not?

In this particular situation, the batsman is not out.This is because the wicket was not put down properly. According to Law 28 of the Laws of Cricket, only the ball itself or a hand or arm that is in possession of the ball can properly put down the wicket.Having said this, there is still the potential for the batsman to be run out in this scenario. If the fielder, having realized his mistake, either reassembles the wicket and then properly puts down the bails or uses the ball or the hand or arm with the ball to uproot one of the remaining stumps, either one before the batsman can make his ground by returning behind the popping crease, a run out can still be called.

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How much is Yuvraj Singh worth?

Yuvraj singh is the one of the best middle batsman in Indian cricket team. he was in good form in last waorld cup(2011) but when the ipl comes he go down most reason for that is changing in the batting order. We think that he was good batsman only when he is only an batsman in crease that means he want the position number 5 for his best play. And he will punish the bowlers in last over. I conclude by saying he will worth 5000000 in this time for an ipl team.

What ways can you be out in cricket?

there are so many Ways: when the batsman fail to play the ball and it hit to stump that called bowled. The ball hit the bat and the ball caught by the fielder without touching the ground it's catch out. the ball hit batsman pad and the ball vartuly going in the stump so it called LBW leg before the wicket. the player doesn't make to the crease and the fielder throw the ball and it hit the stump and the batsman is not in the crease so its call runout. There is somany ways but mostly player gets out like this.there are 3 more ways but mostly player are getting out like this. other ways are obstrecting the field(once inzmam get out), handale the ball, and time out. Batsman can get out by following types:- 1) Catch out 2) Bowled 3) Stumping 4) Runout 5) Hit wicket 6) LBW 7) Handling the ball 8) Distracting the field 9) Timeout 10) Not offering a shot (similar to LBW but in this case umpire can give the batsman out if he thinks that batsman is not offering a shot and hitting it with pad, ball may or may not be going to hit stump) Number 10 is actually LBW. The 10th way is Hitting the ball twice.

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What is time out in cricket?

Timed outAccording to the Laws of Cricket, when a batsman is dismissed and a team is not "all out", the next batsman is given three minutes to report to the pitch and be ready to receive (or partner, if the incoming batsman is not on strike) the next delivery. If the time passes and the batsman is not in position, the fielding team can appeal to the umpire to rule the new batsman out "timed out".

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