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means the 3 European cups i think

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Q: What is the three gold stars on inter milan jersey mean?
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What are the three famous Italy soccer teams?

Juventus FC Inter Milan AC Milan

Is inter and ac milan on tv tonight?

Yes, BBC THREE, about half an hour.

How many times won Milan uefa champions league?

A.C. Milan have won the champion league 7 times, Inter Milan have won it three times.

Which Italian teams have won the eufa champions league?

Three italian teams have won the Champions League. These are AC Milan , Inter Milan and Juventus.

Which player has won three consecutive titles with different teams in different leagues?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Inter/Barcelona/Milan)

Three famous soccer teams in Europe?

Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Juventus, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Barcelona etc etc.

Last three champions in the champions league?

11-12 CHELSEA 10-11 Inter Milan 09-10 Barcelona

Which celebrities lives in New Jersey?

well for sure three of the stars that live in New Jersey are Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas.

Name three players who have played for five different clubs which have won the European Cup?

Edgard Davids is one (Ajax, Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, Inter)

What does the N with three stars mean Green Bay Packer conference title jersey?


Why does Inter Milan have a star on their badge?

You get one star for every ten league titles you win. Inter and Milan have both won 17, hence one star. Juventus have won 27 and so have two. Genoa come next after those three on 9, so next time Genoa win the Scudetto, they'll have a star awarded them.

What does the N with three stars mean on Packer conference title jersey?

It stands for the National Foorball Conference.