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Thread count is a textile term. however The pro carbine has A5 barrel threads.

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Q: What is the thread count on a tippmann pro-carbine barrel?
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What thread count should I look for in bathroom towels?

Any high thread count will do, but consider gettng a 800 thread count if you can find it.

Which sheets have the highest thread count?

Thompson sheets offer the highest thread count at 800.

What is the thread count of very soft sheets?

The thread count for sheets that are considered very soft is anything that is above 300. The higher the thread count is determines how soft the sheet will be.

Should sheets be 600 thread?

The higher the thread count, the softer the sheets. Typically, sheets can range from 300 to 1600 thread count

What thread count do Egyptian cotton sheets have?

Egyptian cotton usually has a 200 or greater thread count.

What is a thread count?

Thread count is simply the number of threads woven together in a square inch. Count both lengthwise & widthwise. i.e. - 100 threads lengthwise + 100 threads widthwise = 200 thread count.

What different between 250 and 1000 thread count cotton?

The easy answer is 750. Thread count indicates the number of threads counted in one square inch of the fabric. 250 thread count fabric will be woven looser and feel rough to the touch in comparison to 1000 thread count fabric. Another difference is price. The higher the thread count the higher the price. According to Consumer Reports, anything over 400 thread count is a waste of money.

How do you calculate thread count with yarn count and construction?


Is microfiber in bed linen the same as 600 thread cotton?

No. Microfiber thread count cannot be compared to the thread count in cotton. A 1500 thread count bed sheet of Microfiber might not be half as heavy in weight or thick enough as a 600 thread count cotton sheet, but it will be far softer than a cotton 600 count. It is similar to comparing apples and oranges. Microfiber has a thread count of it's own and tends to remain thinner, although it gets softer, with higher thread counts. Cotton on the other hand, tends to get thicker and heavier as the thread count goes higher, so a 1500 count sheet in cotton might weigh like a blanket.

Who makes a 200 Thread Count Duvet Set?

Yes you can find a Damask duvet cover with a 205 thread count

What thread count is the Fieldcrest Luxury Jacquard Duvet?

The "Fieldcrest Luxury Jacquard Duvet" features a 400-Thread-Count.

What is the thread count on the Concord Window Treatment Tie-Up Balloon Shade?

I think the thread count is just 200.

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