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Q: What is the third biggest sporting event worldwide?
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What is the 3rd most watched sporting event in the world?

Tennis is the third most watched sporting event

What is Ireland's main sporting event?

The biggest individual sporting event in Ireland is the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final. It is the biggest event for Gaelic Football, one of Ireland's two main national sports. The other is Hurling. It also has an Ireland Final, which is also a major sporting event. The All-Ireland Hurling Final usually takes place on the first Sunday in September and the All-Ireland Football Final usually takes place on the third Sunday in September.

What was first televised sport event in 1931?

The first televised sporting event was a college baseball game between Columbia and Princeton in 1939, covered by one camera providing a point of view along the third base line. There really was so very little TV in 1931 that it was useless to have TV. By 1936 there were fewer than 200 Televisions worldwide. The first-ever sporting event televised was an elementary baseball game in Japan in 1931

What is the biggest tobacco company?

At worldwide it is Philip Morris, the second one British American Tobacco, The third is Japan Tobacco

How much money did Shrek the Third gross worldwide?

Shrek the Third grossed $807,330,936 worldwide.

What is the third biggest moon?

Callisto is the third biggest moon!!!

What is the third biggest city in Maryland?

Hagerstown is the third biggest

What is the most watched college sporting event in us?

The most watched college sport in the US is football, and then in second most watched is basketball, and third is lacrosse.

What is the third biggest toothed whale?

the orca is the third biggest toothed whale

What is the third biggest continent in the world?

North America is the third biggest continent.

What is the third biggest cat in the world?

The third biggest cat in the world is a jaguar.

Which is third biggest county in Ireland?

Mayo is the third biggest county in Ireland.

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