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Before games, people usually listen to an mp3 player or something like that. This can be used to get you hyped, get your mind off other things, and focus on the game. It is also good to drink a lot of water before a Basketball game. You will sweat a lot in basketball and need hydration. After a game, it is good to drink a sports drink because it holds salt, sugars, some have protein, and electrolytes, which refuel your body and build up energy once again. As for physical preparation, it depends on how serious of an athlete you are. Most professional athletes (if they lift weight everyday) do not skip game day. They still lift weight on game day, but with a lighter load not to wear them out or drain their energy. Stretching before the game is crucial to loosen you up so you do not pull any muscles or ligaments (what connects muscles to bones). For true competitive play, at least a 30 minute shoot around to dial your shot in and get in game mode. The best way to tell when your ready is you've just broken a sweat, your feeling lose and quick, and your shot seems to be making it into the basket. Once you've reached this stage, get ready mentally. Sit for a few minutes before taking the floor and calm yourself and prepare for a game. Make smooth, quick decisions on the floor and do not hesitate. That is how I would do it and is the best information I can get from observing professional basketball players. And if you strive to improve (like me), practice, practice, practice, practice.... -Good Luck!

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Q: What is the things to do before playing basketball and after playing basketball?
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