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Ice Hockey rinks are either hand plowed and watered or it is done by a zamboni.

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Q: What is the thing that cleans up a hockey rink?
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How does one get involved in Midget hockey?

sign up for the league at the local rink in the offseason

Why is air hockey called air hockey?

The table is set up like a hockey rink and air comes from the bottom to help the disk move faster.

Is pooping on the ice rink a penaltie in hockey?

yes dont do it your team mates will smash you up

How Many People Could Stand Inside A Hockey Rink?

The surface area of a hockey rink is 16,327 sq. ft. (200 ft x 85 ft - the rounded edges) If a person takes up 1.5 ft by 2 ft. roughly, you could fit 5,442 people.

What cities in Alaska play Ice hockey?

Most cities in Alaska play ice hockey; the weather makes this state a great place to set up a rink, grab your stick, and play. Hope this helped!!

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What is the half circle at the bottom in the middle of the hockey rink used for?

Carole, I believe the half circle you are asking about is an area that when the referee is speaking to off-ice officials or where a goalie warms up

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Broken sticks are left on the ice. The player goes to the bench to be substituted or to get a new stick. Once the hockey puck is on the other side of the rink, a referee picks up the stick and brings it to an official on a bench.

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