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The most common sport in the United States is Football.

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The most viewed sport in America is Baseball.

NASCAR and the NFL.

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Q: What is the the most viewed sport in America?
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What is the most viewed sport in Senegal?

Football is the most viewed sport in Senegal. :)

What is the most view sport in the world?

The most viewed sport in the world is Soccer since it is viewed in different countries unlike football which is only viewed in the U.S.A

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What is the most favorite sport?

It appears that soccer is the most viewed internationally

What is America's number one sport?

you can't say that in general - baseball is probably the most viewed sport because their seasons last longer than the nfl, nba and nhl

What is the most attended sport in America?

Football is the most watched and most attended sport in America

What professional sport is viewed in America NHL OR NBA?

don't know research it you lazy IDIOT

What is the most popular adult sport in America?

The most popular sport in America would have to be baseball.

What is the the second most-viewed sport worldwide?

Probably cricket, but other contenders are hockey and baseball.

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