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The biggest Super Bowl point spread was in Superbowl III, when the Colts were favored over the Jets by 20 at game time.

According to Robert Walker, the Director of the Race and Sports Book at MGM Mirage in Vegas., the highest anyone can find is Steelers-Bucs in 1976. Pittsburgh was defending Super Bowl champ, the Bucs were first-year expansion babies who finished 0-14. The line was 24. The Steelers won, 42-0.

Sports bettor RJ Bell, who runs a betting Web site, said his research shows that the biggest point spread since 1980 came in 1993 when San Francisco was a 23-point favorite over Cincinnati, a game the 49ers won just 21-8. During that time, there have been only five games with a point spread of more than 20 points.

Assuming their dominance continues, look for a possible high 20's spread for the New England Patriots vs. NY Jets and/or Miami Dolphins in December 2007. (Their spread against the Eagles on 11/25/07 looks to be around 22.)

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Q: What is the the biggest point spread in NFL history?
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What is the biggest regular season NFL spread ever?

On November 25, 2007 a new record was set for the largest point spread in regular season NFL history. That night, the spread for the Patriots-Eagles game was New England -24 vs Philadelphia. The Patriots won the game 31-28. The previous record was 23 in 1993 (San Francisco -23 vs Cincinnati (SF did not cover, they won 21-8).

What is the Biggest NFL dome in history?

Dallas stadium

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The Bus

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jerome bettis

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Giants over the Patriots

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Giants over the Redskins

Who is the biggest quarter back in NFL history?

big ben

What was the biggest come from behind victory in NFL history?

1993 Buffalo Bills vs Houston Oilers. Buffalo came back from a 35 point deficit and won in overtime.

What was the biggest blowout in NFL history?

In the 1940 NFL Championship, Chicago Bears 73-0 over Washington Redskins.

What NFL game had the biggest point difference 2009?

patriots vs titans

What is the biggest blowout in NFL history?

Bears 72 Redskins 0

Biggest blow out in nfl history?

bears beat redskins 73-0 (1940)

What is the Biggest point differential for a team in one NFL season?

The 1985 Chicago Bears.

What team has the biggest win point-wise in a regular season game in the NFL?

no cowboys

Most points allowed in NFL history?

Chicago Bears scored 73 against the Washington Redskins in the 1940 Championship game winning 73-0 also making it the biggest blowout in NFL history

What is the biggest regular-season shutout in NFL history?

In the 1989 season opener between the Pittsburg Steelers and Cleveland Brown's, at Three Rivers, the Browns crushed the Steelers 51-0. I'm not sure if this is the biggest regular season deficit in NFL history, but it certainly stands as the worst shut-out in the Super Bowl era.

What is the biggest halftime deficit in an NFL game?

The Patriots' 45-point lead at intermission against the Titans (45-0) on Oct. 18, 2009 was the largest halftime lead in NFL history, surpassing the previous mark of 42 when the Packers led the Buccaneers, 49-7, on Oct. 2, 1983.

What is the biggest point difference at half time in the NFL?

45 new England patriots oct18 2009

What is the second biggest margin of victory in NFL History?

jaguars vs dolphins jags (67) dlphn (7)

Which quarterback player holds the record for the biggest comeback in both college and nfl football history?

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How many seasons did Ryan Leaf play in the NFL?

Ryan Leaf played in the NFL for four seasons. He played primarily for the San Diego Chargers and is regarded as being one of the biggest busts in NFL history.

What is the biggest total in NFL history?

Well don't know for sure but Pittsburgh steelers have won the most superbowls at 6!

What is the point spread for NFL championship game with vikings vs. saints?

24 hours before the NFC championship game, the spread from most agencies is New Orleans by 3.5.

What is the biggest come back for a Super Bowl victory in NFL history?

The Washington Redskins trailed 10-0 in Super Bowl 22. They came from behind and won the game 42-10. This is still the biggest come from behind victory in Super Bowl history.

What is the second greatest comeback in NFL history?

the Buffalo Bills and the Houston Oilers played January 3, 1993. It featured the Bills recovering from a 32-point deficit to win in overtime, and it remains the largest comeback in NFL history.