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Aesthetic appreciation is the term used to describe the appreciation of the beauty of a skillful performance.

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Q: What is the term used to describe the appreciation of the beauty of a skillful performance?
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A person who has an unusual appreciation of beauty?

An artist has an unusual appreciation of beauty.

What does aesthestic mean?

concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty

What sense did Edgar Allen Poe believe the unity of effect in a poem should arouse in the reader?

A sense of beauty. (apex)

What is aesthetic appreciation?

aesthetic is the appreciation of beauty or goodtaste or lemons

What is a one word substitute for the study of beauty and its appreciation?


Can you describe the beauty of a rose?

How does one describe beauty? Perhaps its color, texture.

What are the benefits of drawing for adults or children?

Improve children's appreciation of beauty.

What is a inner beauty?

The appreciation of one's or another's appealing personality traits

Which Excerpt Best Reflects Byron's Appreciation Of Beauty?

the nameless grace.

What words describe beauty?

you can't describe beauty,beauty comes from within and no-one can chnge the way you look but you.Beauty is mother nature,everything connected to you meens something.The best way to describe beauty is 'you' x

What is beauty appreciation?

That is what couples do when they are purposefully staring intimately at each other, though beauty appreciation has been known to have a role in nature, as well as in all forms of art. Beauty appreciation is the admiration of the masterful design of something, such as how a art collector marvels at the way a painting was put together, as true art has many levels to it, with each layer having a distinct flavor and secret.

How did Egyptian art help you to develop appreciation of the fine task for beauty?

I'm from Egypt

What is the definition aesthetics?

A set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty, especially in art.

What is a word to describe beauty?

Beauty cannot be described. Everyone thinks of beauty in a different way.

What is the focus of literary appreciation skills?

The focus of literary appreciation skills are the ability to learn the literary works in terms of its genre, beauty, meaning or message, background etc

Use describe in a sentence?

It is difficult to describe the beauty of a sunset.

What are the teaching of religion through natural resources?

An appreciation of the beauty of nature can inspire religious feelings.

What words describe a good gymnastics performance?

Beauty, grace, perfection, coordination, flexibility, presentation, power, balance, skill, strength, concentration -a gymnast my self

Who is duchess in the story of black beauty describe her?

who was duchess in story black beauty

Who shall describe Beauty?

The beholder.

What is asethetic?

The word aesthetic means to be concerned with beauty, or the appreciation of beauty. Anesthetic is what is used during surgery to keep the patient unconscious and unable to feel the scalpels and clamps and sutures.

Where was Blake Shelton first live performance?

beauty pagent

Why do men call women a princess?

A Princess or the wife of a prince, suggests appreciation, beauty and marriage - it's a compliment.

What is aesthetic appreciation in sports?

Aesthetic appreciation is where a person will admire the beauty of a action in a sport e.g. if a footballer gets the ball, chests it down does a little flick with his heel and hits a perfect volley. aesthetic appreciation can apply to any sport from swimming to ballet, baseball to dancing, if it wows you you are showing aesthetic appreciation. Remember it applies to anything not just certain sports.

List of filipino values?

Some Filipino values include love of family, a strong work ethic, and appreciation for beauty.