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a goal

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Q: What is the term used for when a player on offense crosses the goal line with the ball?
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If a field goal is missed can the offense score a touchdown?

Only if the kicked ball doesn't go beyond the line of scrimmage or a defensive player touches the ball after it crosses the line of scrimmage.

If a player crosses the goal line but the doesn't is it a touchdown?

Nope. The ball has to cross the goal line while in the players possesion.

In soccer is it a goal if the goalie goes in the goal with the ball?

Yes. If the ball completely crosses the goal line, it's a goal.

What is affense is soccer?

Did you mean offense? You are on offense when your team has the ball. The goal, when on offense, is to take the ball down the field and score a goal. The opposite of offense would be defense. You are on defense when the opposing team has the ball. The goal when on defense is to prevent the other team from scoring a goal. Hope this helped.

What is a goal in soccer?

A goal in soccer is scored when a player kicks the ball into the net. Here the entire ball must cross the goal line, , even if the goalkeeper both legs cross the line , the goal will not be given until the ball also crosses the line.

What is the purpose of a goal line?

The purpose of a goal line is to determine if the ball crosses it for a goal.

Does the player have to cross the plane of the goal line to be a touchdown or just the football?

As long as the football crosses the plane of the goal line while legally under control in the ball carrier's possession, it's a touchdown regardless of where the player's body is (unless he goes out of bounds before the ball crosses the plane).

What is an example of a player switching from offense to defense?

a water polo player intercepting a pass and throwing the ball to score a goal. -apex :)

Is an example of a player switching from defense to offense?

a Water Polo player intercepting a pass and throwing the ball to score a goal. -apex :)

What will happen in football when the ball touches the hand of the goalie and goes in the goal post?

As long as the ball crosses the goal line it is considered a goal

Which action is takin by an offense player in the game of lacrosse?

The offensive players try and shoot the ball into the lacrosse goal

If a goalie catches a ball and fall back into the goal is that a point?

If the goalkeeper catches the ball and if the entire ball crosses the line, it is deemed a goal.

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