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I think its monoskiing

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Q: What is the term used for skiing on one ski?
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Is ski an adverb?

No, it is not. It is a verb (to ski, on snow or water), or a noun (one of the footboards used in skiing).

What is the name given to water skiing with one ski?

Slalom is the name given to water skiing with one ski.

In what sport is daffy used?

A daffy is used in the sport of skiing or freestyle skiing. It is an stunt that a skier does in midair. They point one ski up and forward and the other ski down and backward.

What are ski tubes conventionally used for?

Ski tubes are used in water sports especially water skiing. They are used to tow people from the back of the boat and one places their feet onto the ski tubes.

What do you put on your feet to ski?

When one goes skiing it is very important to remember the guidelines of skiing so one does not do any harm to the body as a result of a ski accident. When one is skiing one should wear skis.

Is jet skiing all one word?

Jet Ski / jet skiing is two words.

Ski technique that creates an s shape name?

Carving is the term used for making the "S" shape in the snow while snowboarding or skiing.

What is meant by the term heli-skiing?

A helicopter takes you to the top of a mountain, then you disembark and ski down.

What does a ski instructor do?

A ski instructor instructs skiing.

What do you use ski boots for?

SKIING!You use them for skiing. Ski boots are hard plastic and specially formulated to fit into a ski binding which is mounted on the ski. Once you snap into the ski binding you are securely fastened to your skis and can commence the skiing process.

What do you call skiers sticks?

'Sticks' used to ski are called skiing poles.

What is the difference between ski and skis?

Ski is the abbreviation of skiing, and skis are the long pieces of carbon fibre (although other materials are used) that you attach to your feet to glide across the snow. In other words, skis are used to go and ski / go skiing.

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