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Isotonic (as far as cell Biology goes) describes the solute concentration of the inside of a cell as compared to the environment outside the cell. When the concentration of solutes (ions, glucose, etc) inside equal the concentration on the outside, we call this isotonic.

This is in contrast to hypotonic where the concentration of solutes is greater on the INSIDE of the cell, and hypertonic where the ion concentration is greater OUTSIDE the cell.

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Q: What is the term of isotonic?
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What is isotonic pressure?

A term applied when two solutions have identical concentrations of of solute molecules and hence the same osmotic pressure, or isotonic pressure.

What is the Term for elements which have same number of neutron?

Isotones, isotonic nuclides

What are two isotonic solutions?

Two isotonic solutions are two solutions that have the same osmotic pressure. This term is generally used referring to solutions in a cell or body fluid.

What is an isotonic supplement?

Isotonic is a term to compare two solutions. It describes a balance in the concentration of solutes, so that there is no osmotic pressure difference (i.e. water will not flow across the membrane). An isotonic supplement would be a term used to describe a supplement, that when dissolved in a specific amount of water, would be equal in concentration to the human body.

Is albumin isotonic?


What is a isotonic solution?

what is an isotonic solution

What is the concentration of isotonic sucrose solution?

as 9.25 % sucrose is isotonic then 270 mM is isotonic.

IS 5 dextrose in 0.9 saline isotonic?

.91 saline is normal saline which is isotonic. 5% dextrose is also isotonic. so the combination is still isotonic

What term would you use to describe the tonicity of 0.9 percent NACL for red blood cells?


Calculate the isotonic coefficient for NaCl if a 07M of NaCl solution equaled the hemolysis of14M glucose solution?

i = isotonic molar [glucose] / isotonic molar [NaCl] i = 14 M / 7 M = 2 i = isotonic molar [glucose] / isotonic molar [NaCl] i = 14 M / 7 M = 2 i = isotonic molar [glucose] / isotonic molar [NaCl] i = 14 M / 7 M = 2 i = isotonic molar [glucose] / isotonic molar [NaCl] i = 14 M / 7 M = 2

What types of exercises are there?

Isotonic and Isometric exercise are the two types of the exercises. In Isotonic exercise you do not use the load or weight. You can use the antagonist muscle contractions in Isotonic muscle exercises. In isometric exercises you use the weight or load to develop the muscles. You know the term, metric tone. So in Isometric exercise you lift the weight.

Which microscopic field contains an isotonic bathing solution?


Is 0.9 NaCl solution isotonic?

Yes, this is an isotonic solution.

How do isotonic solution and equilibrium differ?

isotonic solution, equilibrium

0.9 percent NaCl is it isotonic?

Yes, this is an isotonic solution.

Which microscope field contains isotonic bathing solution?


Is an isotonic solution or hypotonic solution safest for a patient?


To what body fluid is saline isotonic?

0.9% saline is isotonic to blood.

What is an isotonic contraction?

Isotonic contractions. This happens when the muscle shortens as it contracts

More Examples of Isotonic Solution?

isotonic solution

What is an isotonic bathing solution?

Isotonic means it has a 0.9% saline concentration.

Use isotonic in a sentence?

I learn about isotonic in Biology. POSERS :D

What term would be applied to each of the blood cells?

I think those the effects of Osmosis which are: Isotonic, hypotonic, and hypertonic solutions.

Which microscopic field contains a isotonic bathing solution?

An isotonic solution refers to a solution which has the same solute concentration as another solution. A microscopic field containing an isotonic bathing solution is called an isotonic field.

What are Examples of isotonic fluid?

Normal saline is an example of an isotonic fluid. It contains 0.9% salt in water.An isotonic solution is a solution that contains the same concentration of solutes (dissolved particles) as blood. Isotonic saline is an example. Isotonic saline is a solution with the same concentration of salts as human blood.