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double brace or hat trick and a bit. also known as a "haul" eg arshavin had a 4 goal haul against Liverpool

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Q: What is the term given to four goals scored by the same player in a single soccer game?
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How many yellow cards can a referee issue in a single international soccer match?

Every player on both teams can be given a yellow card if the referee thinks they deserve it, but for one player only two can be given then they will be sent off.

Who was the first player to be given a red card in a Scottish soccer game?


What is a goal in soccer?

A goal in soccer is scored when a player kicks the ball into the net. Here the entire ball must cross the goal line, , even if the goalkeeper both legs cross the line , the goal will not be given until the ball also crosses the line.

What name is given to four goal scored by one player in a football match?


Single to left runner advances on throw to home is it a steal or a double?

This is scored a single. No steal would be given credit either. Just a plain ole single

How Can you use tackle in a sentence?

The soccer player was given a yellow card for his shocking tackle.

Is a field hockey player ever given a red card like in soccer?

Yes, they can.

How many yellow cards can a soccer player get?

Only two cautions may be given to a single player in the same match. Once a player has has received two cautions in the same match he is automatically sent off, cannot return to the match, and cannot substituted for.

What term is given when one player score 4 times in a soccer match?


Who can score in soccer?

Any player on the field can score given the opportunity, even the keeper/goalie.

What is a strike in Soccer?

A penalty in football is given when there is a . handball in the box, a player is brought down in the box .

Does a player in the penalty box receive a minus if scored on?

No, Players do not receive a plus when scoring on a PP or a minus when a PPG is scored against there team. Only even strength goals, or goals scored by a shorthanded team, count towards any given player's +/- stats.

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