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Traversing means skiing back and forth across the fall line

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Q: What is the term for skiing back and forth?
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What is another name for back country skiing?

Back country skiing is where one hikes to the crest of a hill, and alpines down. A type of skiing similar to back country skiing is telemark skiing. Back country skiing has no synonyms.

What are some of the health benefits of snow skiing?

There are many health benefits of snow skiing. One can work on their cardio by skiing down steep hills. One can also work out their legs by moving back and forth down the slope.

any words of six letters with the third and forth is an i?


What term means the rapid movement of particle back and forth?


What does back and forth mean?

A back and forth is an act of moving someone or something forward and returning it to the same position. The term can be used literally, as in a physical object or figuratively, such as an emotional state.

What term means the rapid movement of particles back and forth?

vibration or brownian motion

What is the technical term for the sport of cross country skiing?

It can also be called Nordic Skiing...

What best explains the term nonlinear narrative?

A narrative that moves back and forth in time. (Apex)

Was skiing around in the 1700s?

Yes, skiing dates back to 5000 B.C.

What is a back and forth motion?

Vibrations are back and forth movements.

What is another word for back and forth?

To and fro is another phrase that means back and forth. Back and forth can also refer to a quick dialogue between two people, and another word for that kind of back and forth is repartee.

Does the penis go back and forth in the vagina?

Yes it does it goes back and forth

What are the release dates for The Lyons Den - 2012 Back Back Forth and Forth 1-3?

The Lyons Den - 2012 Back Back Forth and Forth 1-3 was released on: USA: 9 March 2012

Go back and forth?

The back and forth movement is most commonly attributed to oscillations.

In what do Particles move back and forth in place?

After you stroke a tuning fork, all the particles move back and forth. If you play a piano, particles of the wire move back and forth.

What is the range of motion of a hinge joint back in forth movement?

back in forth movement is the anwser

What is it called when a river winds back and forth?

The winding back and forth of a rive is called "meandering."

What is the dingbat answer nur 4th?

Run back and forth.

What is the term used for skiing on one ski?

I think its monoskiing

What is el esqui in spanish?

This term refers to the sport of skiing.

What is a chinchilla's defense?

they whip their tails back and forth. They whip their tails back and forth. They whip their tails back and forth. willy bum bum willy willy bum bum

To move qickly back and forth is to?

I like to move back and forth on black sock went i am wiggled

What is Moving Back And Forth In Time in novels?

Moving back and forth in time is called time travel.

What is the name associated when a river goes back and forth?

when a river winds back and forth, it is called meandering

These waves causes back and forth motion?

The type of seismic waves that cause back and forth motions are P waves. P waves cause particles in material to vibrate back and forth.

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