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One stroke under par is called a BIRDIE.

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Q: What is the term for one stroke under par?
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Related questions

What is one stroke under par?

A birdie.

One stroke under a par of a hole?

One stroke under par of a hole is called a "Birdie".Two Strokes under is called an "Eagle"A hole in one is also called an "Ace"

What does 'birdie' mean in golf?

a score of one stroke under par on a hole

What is a birdie in golf?

A birdie is a hole played one stroke under par.

What does birdie mean in golf?

A birdie is one stroke under par on a given hole.

What does the golf term birdie mean?

one under par for that hole is par 4 and you get 3

What name is given to one stroke less than par?

One stroke less than par is referred to a a BIRDIE.

What is a birdie?

A birdie is a slang term for a bird, a completion of a hole in golf one stroke below par, or an alternative term used in badminton for a shuttlecock.

What does the term eagle mean?

2 under par on one hole.

Can you explain for a new follower of golf what a birdie and etc are?

Each hole at golf has a standard number of strokes (number of times the ball is hit) to get it in the hole. This number is called Par, taken from the par value of stock. For example, if the standard number of strokes for a hole is four, it is called a Par four hole. If a player gets the ball in the hole in one less than (one under) Par, it is called a Birdie. Legend has it that a famous player's ball hit a bird in mid-air and he then completed the hole in one stroke under and the term Birdie was born. Making the hole in two strokes under Par is a larger bird so it's called an Eagle. Three strokes under Par an Albatross, because an Albatross is such a rare bird. If you take one more stroke than Par it's call a Bogey, after the Bogey Man. Two strokes over is a Double-Bogey. Three is a Triple-Bogey.

In the game of golf is an eagle or a birdie the better score?

An eagle is two strokes under par, a birdie is one stroke under. An eagle is a better score.

How do you say one under par in German?

one under par = eins unter par

A bogie is how many strokes over par?

A bogey is one stroke over par.

What is one less par?

one under par is called a "birdy" 2 under par is called "eagle"

What is the term for 4 under in Golf?

It is called a condor, 4 under par on one hole, very rare if not impossible.

What exactly is a double eagle?

It is a golf term. It means to score three under par on a hole. If your par is four, you would have to get a hole in one to score a double eagle. If your par is five, you would score 2. This term is an outdated one, and is rarely used because it is rarely applicable.

What is one under par?

A birdie is a golf hole played one under par.

What is a bogey?

Each hole has an established par--the number of strokes (counting putts) that are considered the amount it should take to get the ball into the hole. If it takes you one more stroke than the established par then you have a "bogey" on that hole. Example: a 400 yard hole with a par of 4 takes you 5 strokes to get the ball into the cup--a bogey. Extra info: 2 under the established par is an eagle, one under the established par is a birdie, 2 over the established par is a double bogey, three over a triple bogey, etc. A bogey is one over par.

What is under par?

1 shot is hole in one 1 shot under par is birdie 2 shots under par is eagle 3 shots under par is albatross Over par is boogie.

How many under par is a birdie?

A score of one under par

Hitting a golfball into a hole one stroke over par is called?


What does One under par in golf mean?

One under par for a hole is one shot less than par, say you make a 3 on a par 4, this is a birdie. One under for a round is where you had a round which was one shot less than par, say you shot 71 on a par 72.For holes played, or for that round, or for the tournament, the player has taken one less shot to play those holes than par.

What is a score of one under par?

Every hole has a par rating - usually 3, 4 or 5. One under means one less than this. So on a par 4 hole a score of 3 is one under par. This is called a birdie.

In golf what is a birdie?

one stroke below par for gien hole

Making a hole in one stroke less than a par?