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A resident of Liverpool is a Liverpuddlian.

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Q: What is the term for a resident of Liverpool?
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What does it mean by the term 'Resident' when it used as 'Resident Engineer' or 'Resident Architect'?

In residence.

What is the definition for a long term care resident?

a long-term care resident is an individual who resides in a long-term care facility like nursing home or assisted living community for an extended period of time.

Who are Long term resident of a country?

10 years i believe

If a person has a C felony can he become a resident at some time?

It would depend on what you mean by "becoming a resident" and likely by other factors also. In what context are you using the term "resident"?

What does resident means?

A person who lives somewhere permanently or on a long term basis.

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Who was a famous author from Arizona?

Zane Grey was a long term resident but was born in Ohio.

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An antonym for gypsy could be resident.

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well its come from Liverpool as now people now call it scoucer land witch you all should agree on it :)yayyyyyyyyyy go Liverpool :D

What is green card is mean?

A "Green Card" is the old term of a US Permanent Resident Visa. However, the Permanent Resident Visa is now no longer printed on green paper, nor is it credit-card sized. It's a historical term for the visa.

What term refers to a state paying part of the costs of a college education for resident?

In-state tuition.

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