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The numbers refer to the positions played by a team's fielders, and they are listed in the order in which the fielders handled the ball. Pitcher is 1; catcher, 2; first baseman, 3; second baseman, 4; third baseman, 5; shortstop, 6; left field, 7; center field, 8; right field, 9. Therefore, a "6-4-3 double play" refers to (usually) a ground ball to the shortstop (6), who throws to the second baseman (4) for one out, who then throws to the first baseman (3) for the second out. You can have any combination of numbers for a double or triple play depending upon how many players handle the ball!

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Q: What is the term '643 double play' or 462 or whatever it is that they say before a double play?
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