What is the ten run rule?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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In many T-Ball or Youth Baseball leagues there's a maximum number of runs a team may score on offense in an inning before going back on defense, regardless of whether three outs have been recorded against them. The number of runs scored may vary from league to league.

Further, within large leagues involving youth of varying ages, teams may be rated by their skill level; A - D. If an A team is playing a D team during league play, the "D" level team may be allowed to score more runs per innings, if they are able, than the "A" level team to try and compensate for the disparity of the skill sets the teams posses.

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A team can score a maximu of five runs in any one time at bat. The half inning ends when the fifth run scores.

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if a team goes up by 11 points such as a team has 2 points and another team has 13 points,

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Q: What is the ten run rule?
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