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Q: What is the technique used to put the ball into position for an attack?
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In which game is shooting ball technique is used?

shooting ball=basketball

Whe should the technique of heading be used?

When the ball is to high to reach.

What technique is used for skating?

The most common technique is called "Basic Position". This is a crouched position, with bent knees and ankles, while sitting your but down like your in a chair... But at the same time attempting to place your "Belly on your thigh".

Does a heavier or lighter volleyball make you serve further?

whether the ball is hard, soft, light or heavy doesn't matter so much as the technique of serving. you could have the best ball in the world, but if you can't serve with the proper technique, your ball i destined to fall short of your goal. i used to be a really bad server until i learned the proper technique

What does toe the ball mean?

"Toe the ball" is a phrase commonly used in sports, specifically in soccer or football. It refers to making contact with the ball using the toe or the front part of the foot. This technique is used to accurately pass or shoot the ball with precision.

What is ready position in volleyball an how is it used?

ready position is when you are down in the squatting position, waiting for the ball to come back to your side, or when the other team is serving, or just waiting for the ball in general. They use this so you are low and have a better aim when the ball comes to you, its better to be low then to be standing.

What propaganda technique is used in What propaganda technique is used in this example?

Loaded Words is the technique that is used.

What was going over the top in the war?

It was a term used to describe departing the trench to attack an enemy position.

What is used to map enemy positions and trenches and to attack trenches from above?

for look the position is used the photography and some time bombs

What does the acronym HAINES stand for?

High Arm in Endangered Spine - First Aid technique used when someone is unconcious - a recovery position - high arm technique limits movement of the spine by supporting the head

What is Sell a dummy in rugby?

"Selling a dummy" is a term used when an attacking player, carrying the ball makes it look like they are passing the ball or about to kick the ball however, they keep possession and continue to carry the ball in the attack.

What is rest position or equilibrium position?

Rest position or equilibrium position occurs when all the forces (gravity, the wind, friction etc) exerted on an object are equal.For example, a rolling ball is not in equilibrium because one or more forces (gravity or the force you used to initially move the ball) are greater in strength than the friction (both between the ball and the surface it is rolling on and between the ball and the air).The ball will stop rolling when the force causing it to move 'forwards' is overcome by frictional force. The ball will then be in equilibrium, or at rest.