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Q: What is the symbol on Purdue football helmets?
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When was Purdue Boilermakers football created?

Purdue Boilermakers football was created in 1887.

What division is purdue in college football?

Purdue is In Divsion 1.

How old is purdue football?

Purdue University played its first football game on October 29, 1887.

Are football helmets safe?


Did brian urlacher play football for purdue?


What were the first pads in football?

I have read in a book that the first football pads were leather helmets and that was it. No other pads but leather helmets.

Decals on football helmets?

I'm not quite sure what this question means. Football helmets normally do have decals and it is ok for them to have decals.

How do football helmets help?

Helmets are designed to protect an football players head from a collision on the football field. With concussions be a main focus in American Football...helmets are evolving to help you remain as safe as possible when playing. Football is a contact sport and no equipment will totally protect you from injury or death. Call XO to learn more about helmets.

Are American football players poofs coz of the helmets?

the helmets protect them a lot

What were 1920 helmets made of?

Football and aviation (pilot) helmets were constructed of leather.

What teams have decals on helmets?

Lots of sports teams but manly football helmets.

Drew Brees college?

He attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. He graduated in 2001 with a degree in management.Drew Brees attended and played college football at Purdue University. He earned a degree in Industrial Management. He earned many football honors and led his football team to the 2001 Rose Bowl, its first appearance there in 34 years, where they lost to the University of Washington Huskies.