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The answer is "anagram" as "percussion" is an anagram of the word "supersonic"

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Q: What is the supersonic of percussion for example?
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What is the Anagram of percussion?


What word makes cuspsrenio?

Those letters will spell percussion and supersonic.

What do you mean by percussion and non- percussion instrument?

A percussion instrument is an instrument that requires the player to hit it rather then say blow into it for example. An example of a percussion instrument would be a drum or a xylophone or the cymbals or a gong. An example of a non percussion instrument would be a trumpet or a violin or a trombone or a cello.

What family do the cymbals belong to?

Chimes are percussion instruments.

What is an example of supersonic sound?

No such thing as supersonic sound. Things can move with supersonic speed (fighter jets, ends of whips) making a shock wave, but the sound arrives at your ears at the speed of sound.

Which instruments belong in the percussion family?

Many instruments belong to the percussion family. For example, drums of all sorts are members of the percussion family. Also, rattles are considered percussion instruments.

A drum is an example of what type of instrument?


Which type of drums a pitched percussion instrument?

The Tabla is an example of a pitched percussion instrument. Another one is the Timpani.

Is a chordophone a percussion instrument?

No it is not but there are instruments which belong to the chordophone family but at the same time the percussion family as well. An example of this is the Piano.

Is a example of percussion instrument is a trumpet?

No. Percussion are instruments that the musician, one way or another, hit. Like drums, xylofone and so on.

Is a violin an example of a percussion instrument?

nothing of the above is a string instrument which is played with a bow a brass intrument:trompet a string percussion:the greek (santouri) Most people classify the violin as a string instrument.

Which of these is not a category of percussion instruments chordophones membranophones or idiophones?

All can be considered as a percussion instrument but the Chordophone is not really a "Main" category in percussion. The two major category in percussion are Membranophones and Idiophones but there are chordophones that can be considered as a percussion instrument. An example of this is the piano. It produces sounds by its strings so its a chordophone but the strings are hit by little hammer so that they would vibrate and produce sound.