What is the suns altitude?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Q: What is the suns altitude?
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What is the suns altitude at noon at the equator on june21?

It's about 66.5 degrees above the northern horizon.

The angle between the suns position in the sky and the horizon is what?

This angle is termed as Altitude.

What are the factors that affects air?

Light, solar radiation, suns rays, wind, altitude and more. But these are the main factors that affect air temperature.

How does height above sea level affect climate?

Air is an insulator, the higher the altitude the less air there is, therefore less insulation and the suns heat can escape easily. The higher the altitude the more the atmosphere behaves like a vacuum.

If your latitude is 55 degrees what is the suns angle in June?

Viewed from latitude 55° north, the sun's highest altitude on June 21 is31.5° down from the zenith, or 58.5° up from the horizon.

What is the suns brother?

the suns brother is Jupiter (somehow)

Are there 50 suns in the universe?

There are 50 suns in our locality. Our local galaxy has a few hundred billion suns, then there are billons of galaxies, so the number of suns is quite large.

Years Steve Nash played on the suns?

Steve Nash played for the Suns from 2005-present

Suns or Chicago bulls?

in a game the suns would win

When was A Thousand Suns created?

A Thousand Suns was created in 2008.

When was Jacksonville Suns created?

Jacksonville Suns was created in 1962.

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